Tuesday, January 26, 2021

A Girl Walks into a ... Game Store

 It's been a long journey back to gaming for me. 30 years or so ago, I was a Dungeon Master with a warrior named Myla the Maurauder. I played some great bookcase games too, like Avalon Hill's Civilization and Rail Baron. My significant other, at the time, played The Third Reich, months at a time...

and then I didn't... life changed. Myla retired. I moved and the games didn't...

But then one day, I walked into my local bookstore. I wandered by rows and rows of these games. Wow, did they look amazing! There were so many different kinds. Games that reminded me of Dungeon & Dragons, games based on Horror and SciFi scenarios, Mars, and Dune and Star Trek and Train Rides. I felt this little stir of excitement... But how to choose?! Where to start?! 

...and that's when I started to search online about the gaming world that existed now. And this blog is about those discoveries from the view of the new gamer, because that's what I am now. 

Come along for the ride... Happy gaming, Suzanne

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